Work Benches


Rivit Rack

Rivit Rack workbenches are available customised to you needs. The bench in this picture has Workbench Top 1220.600mm and Backing Board plus 2 shelves with Black 12mm Hardwood Ply and castors added as a option.  Our standard bench comes 1066mm tall  without castors and no backboard. We can customise a bench for you, give us a call today.



Maxiload Workbench, these benches are made on Maxiload Racking but customised to make a workbench.  A feature of these benches is the work top can be adjusted in height to suit various jobs or how tall the workman is.  We can make the benches to various lengths (900mm to 2743mm) and various widths (445mm to 1200mm) .  The bench in picture is 2400mm long and 645mm wide, end frames are 1066mm tall, workbench can be lowered in 51mm steps if you need a lower work height.  Benches can have extra shelves if needed.

Wide Span Workbench
2400mm Long

These workbenches are 635mm deep and come in 4 lengths 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm & 2400mm, Maximum height is 1066mm,  they have adjustable height for workbench and shelf levels

An 1800mm Long bench will take 388kg and a 2400mm Long bench 216kg per level.


Maxiload Workbench with back board

This another varation to our large range of custom workbenches.  This bench has a back board that can be used a shadow board to hang tools,  the backboard can be in either standard ply or the easy to clean Black Film ply. Available with extra shelves and various lengths and widths to suit your needs.

ML Workbench March 2019-300.300

Available in 900mm,  1200mm,  1800mm, 2400mm long
1200mm long is $294 and 1800mm long is $340

MaxiLoad Workbench
457mm top /839mm bottom  (depth)

This is a custom Multirack design to give you a very accessible bench with easy storage above, 25mm Ply for work bench.

900mm long bench in picture,  available in 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm, 2743mm long

Bench 16Mayv3

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Customised to suit customers application

MaxiLoad Workbench
1200mm wide


Customised to suit customers application

MaxiLoad Workbench
645mm wide

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