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Multi Rack provides a wide range of industrial and domestic racking solutions to suit any application. We are proud to say that our racking has been engineered in Australia, to meet Australian Standards. We also stock a range of plywood for interior and exterior purposes that we can cut to size. Multi Rack carry a range of storage and material handling products, as well as conducting installations and certifications on Pallet Racking.

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Multirack has the largest range of Storage solutions for the home and office. With only the top brands and using quality commercial and industrial grade storage plastics.
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Storage Mackay

The top choice for storage mackay including all racks we provide are considered to be the most heavy-duty storage systems to manage the excessive loads put on them. It can store more than five pallets in four levels. It is safe to install and use. Thus, its efficiency makes it one of the best storage tools available in the market.

Therefore, now you have an overview of the latest design of pallet rack systems. Choose the best storage unit that suits your warehouse and serves your business purpose as well.fa

Christ Thomas is a well know industrialists and owner of multiple warehouses. He is been using Pallet Racking products for a long time to support his business in mackay. Thus, he seeks to inform people about the usefulness of storage facilities. That is why he is sharing his thoughts with us.

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