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Rivit Racks are versatile and cost-effective storage systems. They are assembled using double rivet beams as a basic snap-together racking that offers a fully interchangeable modular design. Shelf loading of up to 204 Kg UDL are available (1220×600- 12mm Ply)   With the HR rail you have to option of having the horizontal rails like a standard shelf (Bottom and shelf 4 & 5 in above picture) or you can have 3 rails reversed and make a 3 sided tray shelf or 4 sides reversed to make a tray so nothing can fall off your rack. See the 2 heading below for more details.  All racks are individual (not joined together) so if you need to redesign you storage area you will not be restricted by needing extra components.


You can mix and match with all our Rivit Rack systems, you are not locked into buying a fixed component rack in a flatpack,  we sell all items individually at no extra surcharge (no inflated spare part surcharges.)

Weight capacity Info

We have had this system tested in Australia to AS4991-2004 and with 1st shelf no higher than 300mm and all shelves max spacing of 600mm you can load the Rack to 577Kg total weight (loading of all shelves combined in rack)
And with 300mm spacing top of shelf to top of shelf 774Kg total weight.
With a 1205 x 600 shelf and 12mm ply you can carry 204KG per shelf.
Remember with Engineering Testing to Australian Standards you have high safety margins with all our rating so you can be assured the rack can carry the weight stated , not like many other racks available on the market (Test Report ER12035 and ER12039.1)

stacking mackay


The 3 sides tray shelf is great for storing those larger items but you still have the 3 raised edges to stop anything falling of the shelf.  Comes standard with 12mm  Black Film Face Ply


Vertical Posts with Metal base plate

1067, 1525, 1830, 2135mm
HR Rails 305, 388, 428, 457, 600, 915, 1066, 1200, 1830mm


With the versatality of the Rivit Rack system and the Metal foot with a 12mm thread, you can make all types and sizes of trolleys, extra shelves can be added at 38mm incriments to give you maximum flexability to you needs. We have a range of castor options to suit this system.

4side shelf

The 4 sides tray shelf is great for storing the small items like hand tools, spanners or power tools, The 4 sides make it like a box so you will not have any more items falling off the shelves again. Shelves are available in Black Film Face 12mm Ply


Van Racks

Rivit Rack used in a van for storing all the tools and parts needed.
These are custom solutions made from our heavy duty Rivit Rack
They are much cheaper than standard van racks

Isacc Shire Council.300

Archive Storage

The picture above is at Isaac Shire Council Archive storage area. Each rack module carries 24 Archive Boxes (3 wide, 2 deep, 4 shelves)
The racks are mounted on RHS steel because the floor is only ply, and these was a possibility the rack feet may have been to heavy for this floor.
Rack size is 1066 wide and 915mm deep with 17mm Black Film Face Ply for the shelves.

RivitRack-spare parts shelf

Spare Parts Rack

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Sign Rack
Vertical Sheet Storage

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Rivitrack 058v9.2800

Plastic Bin Rack

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Rivit Rack Trolley800

Multi Purpose Trolley

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Rivit Rack 6 Shelf Archive Storage800

Archive Storage 18 Boxes

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Mobile Work Bench

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