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Maxiload Container Racks


Bolt Rack on Longspan

Mky camping world-300.300

Rays Outdoor Raised Storage
(formally Mackay Camping World)

Transit tyres2v3

Transit Tyres


Maxiload Racking


Vertical Storage Rack


CSR Gyprock Canteliver Rack

Container Racks 003v2

Workbench in Container

Maxiload (18)

MaxiLoad Mini Mez

This handy raised Storage is made from 2 MaxiLoad Racks with shelf size of 2400x645mm,  the racks are 2135mm tall, with a 2 only 25mm Ply sheets on top to make a handy top storage area for more bulky items such at camping gear.

Cable rack MM Cables-2016-04-06 005 LR

Cable Reel Rack

This rack is at MM Cables Mackay

We can design a rack to suit your needs

flomax box-300.300

Custom Made Box
For Export of Goods

Custom made Shipping for Flo-Max.  The box is 1200 x 1200 x 800mm high made to transport goods overseas.  This box had extra reinforcing and fully glued because the goods were very heavy, and the box will be used several times.

We can make Custom Ply Boxes to almost any size or weight capacity to store or transport items. Also available is plywood and timber that is treated for export with certificates.


Racks mounted on H/D Castors


 Custom Container racks

EverReady Techv2400

Oil Storage Rack


Canteliver Rack with Bench

Maxi Load Trolleyv4-300.300

MaxiLoad Trolley


Rivit Rack Trolley


Longspan Rack on Castors


Ladder Stair to Raised Storage


Large Workbench on Pallet Rack


Another Load of Racking
being Delivered


Export Boxes Custom made

This Plywood  Box is for transporting a 2.9m long, 1200Kg shafts to Korea by Airfreight for Werner Engineering

We can make Custom Ply Boxes to almost any size or weight capacity to store or transport items. Also available is plywood and timber that is treated for export with certificates.


Plywood Box, Custom Made

This Plywood Box is for transporting some goods overseas for Flo-Max. It is made from 17mm ply, with no solid timber to comply with country receiving the goods

We make Custom Boxes for warehouse or to transport goods both within Australia and overseas.  We can also supply packing materials such as ply and solid timber that is stamped and has treatment certificates where receiving country has more stringent quarantine.

Expressway Spares

Spacerack Pallet racks
These racks are at Expressway Spares, Paget


MaxiLoad Work Bench

Maxiload (15)

MaxiLoad Rack on Castors

Aurizon Dysartv2

MaxiLoad Security Cage

We can make secure cage areas to almost any size with access doors. The standard wire fence is 50×50, but 50×25 or other sizes can also be used.

In this job we used Maxiload for the security fence with 50×50 mesh with a Maxiload Rack internally

Realtime long bench

MaxiLoad Workbench

Workbenches with continuous bench top and lip at front of workbench is available on request at extra cost.

Raised storage straightened

Raised Storage Area

Raised storage area can give you racks on the ground floor with extra storage above, making good use of the free air space above.  We can design and supply or construct raised storage areas to your individual needs.

Silcar LR

MaxiLoad Pallet rack

General pallet Storage

Maxiload (17)

MaxiLoad Racking

These racks are 3660mm tall and allow you to maximize you extra storage space in the top of your shed

MaxiLoad Sign rack 3

Sign Storage

With this custom design using MaxiLoad Racking, you can store your signage or any any flat item for easy access