Sizzor Lift Trolley

We have various sizes in these Sizzor Lift Tables, click here to check our category listing for Sizzor Lift Tables for the full range.


Folding Handle Trolley

Great Trolley for doing deliveries, has a 200kg capacity and a handle that fold up to make a carry handle.  Dimensions Platform 800.450,  Platform Height 140mm, Handle Height 820mm, castors 125mm, self weight 9.5Kg (code TROLLEYP200 )


Aluminum  Platform Trolley

A small size trolley that can fold up to be compact  for easy storage or transportation. 200Kg capacity, platform size 705.440mm,  Handle Height 910mm, folded height 175mm


Racks built on trolley base

These trollies were originally designed & built for a local workshop with some special storage requirements that need mobility.  If you have a need for a specialist trolley call us for a custom designed solution.  These trollies have 1800×645 shelf size with 1830mm tall posts mounted on a 150mm Elastic Rubber cartor wheels with locking brakes.




Fridge Trolley

These trollies are made for heavy usage and have the option of a middle ratchet strap to secure a fridge or any large item to the trolley.  We recommend the single pneumatic tyre version for its safety when decending a stair case.  3 wheel version is also available.

ML trolley1800

MaxiLoad Trolley
1200.645 2 shelf

Rivit Rack Trolley800

Rivit Rack Trolley
1220.610 2 shelf + handle


Rivit Rack Trolley
1220.610 3 shelf


Rivit Rack Trolley
610.453 Tool Box

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