Mackay Regional Council Depot

Maxiload Heavy Duty storage racks

Shelves 645mm and 839mm deep

Aurizon Dysartv2

Aurizon Depot, Dysart

Maxiload racking made into a caged secure storage area

Esco Paget

Esco Paget

Macrack External Pallet Racking

Frames are 4.8m Tall, and full certified to AS4084.2012 and for External Wind Loading in a cyclonic area

Realtime centre bench

Realtime Instruments, Mackay

Maxiload racks set up as Workbench

Realtime corner

Realtime Instruments, Mackay

Maxiload racking made into shelves and a workbench

Realtime long bench

Realtime Instruments, Mackay

Maxiload Racking made into racks and long continuous workbench

Skills Training Mackay v6

Skilled Training Mackay

This Rack is used for Forklift License training


DGL Accountants

MaxiLoad racking for archive storage

Central Highlandes Council SES

Central Highlands Regional Council

This MaxiLoad racking at SES depot Emerald

Maxiload Pallet racking in front row with  H/D Maxiload Shelves 2400 x 839mm in rows 2 with UDL shelf rating of 644Kg, Back row is 2400 x 645mm shelves with UDL rating of 720Kg

Dept of Natural Resources Mackay

Dept of Natural Resources

Raised Storage area in Mackay with stair access

This Raised storage is built on MaxiLoad racking

Minova 001v2

Orica Minova, Paget

Spacerack Pallet Racking

Aurizon Yukanv2

Aurizon, Yukan

Maxiload Pallet Racking with Industrial shelving at bottom 1 or 2 shelves


CQMS Razer, Paget

Spacerack External Pallet Racking

Arrow Energy Moranbah

Arrow Energy, Moranbah

MaxiLoad Pallet Racking

Air Services Mackay Airport

Air Services. Mackay Airport

Maxiload  Industrial shelving 839mm deep

Jenmar External v2

Jenmar, Paget

Spacerack External Pallet Racking

Jenmar internal v2

Jenmar, Paget

MaxiLoad and Spacerack Pallet Racking

Leighton Paget

Leighton, Paget

Spacerack  Pallet racking with 25mm plywood shelves for storing non standard equipment

Werner Store v2

Werner Engineering, Paget

Maxiload Pallet racking  5.7m tall

Totally Workware Paget

Totally Workware, Paget

MaxiLoad Pallet Racking and Shelving

QR Ballast v3

QR Ballast, Yukan

Maxiload  Pallet racking

Silcar Paget v2

Silcar, Paget

Spacerack Pallet racking

Siemens sarina v2

Siemens , Sarina

Spacerack Pallet Racking

Elastomers Mky v3

Elastomers, Mackay

Spacerack  Pallet racking

Stramit Glenella v2

Stramit, Mackay

Maxiload Pallet racking

Mackay carpet care

Mackay Carpet Care

Longspan Racking, Australian Made

Sugar Australia racecourse

Sugar Australia

Spacerack  Pallet racking

EverReady Tech2

Eveready Tech

Longspan racking, Australian Made


Convatech, Paget

Maxiload Racking, with single shelf ratings to 929Kg UDL


AustChrome, Mackay

Spacerack  Pallet racking

Transit tyres4

Transit Tyres, Mackay City Store

Longspan racking, Australian Made

Used as Tyre racks

Transit tyres2

Transit Tyres, Mackay City Store

Longspan Tyre Racks

Mky camping world

Rays Outdoors

formally Mackay Camping World

Raised Storage Area using Spacerack  Pallet racking

Container Rack Longspan (2)

20ft Container

Longspan racking, Australian Made

Container fitted with 1800×400 shelves

Schenek Process

Schenek Process, Paget

Custom Canteliver rack, Australian Made


Heavy Duty rack on Trolley base

Longspan rack mounted on trolley base, shelf size 1800x600mm

Container Racks 001 Finalv2

20ft Container

Longspan racking,  Australian Made

Custom fitout of shipping container with shelves and workbench, also included Electrical with lights, power points and air conditioner.

Longwall Hydraulics

Longwall Hydraulics

Maxiload racking, certified to AS4084

Shelving is 839mm and 445mm deep, with 2135mm tall frames.

SR pallet workbench

Heavy Duty Workbench

Custom Workbench, 3.0m long made on pallet racking base

CSR canteliver

CSR Canteliver racks

Canteliver racks for storing Gyprock


Rivit Rack used in Van

Rivit rack used in tradesman van, much cheaper than standard van racks


CSR Vertical Storage rack

rack for storing long items that can easily be handled manually

Toll Mining Dysart-Spacerack LR300

Toll Mining Dysart

SpaceRack Pallet racking

Toll Mining Dysart Dexion racking1 LR300

Toll Mining Dysart

Dexion Pallet racking
Installed and Certified to AS4084.2012
With Signage and Post Protectors

Toll Mining Dtsart Dexion Right side LR300

Toll Mining Dysart

Dexion Pallet racking

Visionstream maxiload LR

MaxiLoad Pallet Racks

General Pallet Storage

Visionstream- spacerack LR

Spacerack Pallet Racking

General Pallet Storage

flomax box-300.300

Custom Made Box
For Export of Goods

Custom made Shipping Box for Flo-Max.  The box is 1200 x 1200 x 800mm high made to transport goods overseas.  This box had extra reinforcing and fully glued because the goods were very heavy, and the box will be used several times.

We can make Custom Ply Boxes to almost any size or weight capacity to store or transport items. Also available is plywood and timber that is treated for export with certificates.

BIS pallet rackv4

BIS Industries
Spacerack Pallet Racks

Pallet racking with back protector and Spacerack Heavy Duty End barrier (this barrier is a made for 2 row back to back racking, but is being used on this rack with single row with back protector)

Visionstream- spacerack LR

Spacerack Pallet Racking

General Pallet Storage

Daavid Brown

David Brown Gear Industries

Spacerack and Dexion Pallet racking.