Canteliver Rack


Canteliver Rack

Canteliver racks offer high density storage of many products, but long items such as pipe and steel is where they are very cost effective.  We can design a custom solution for your needs.  Heights to 6.0m and arms to 1.5m are available.


Light Duty

This light Duty canteliver is great for areas where you need to store long products. Heights to 4.0m and arms sizes of 600, 900 & 1200mm are available is horizontal and angled arms for pipe storage.  Made in Australia , so we can customize to your every need.  Fully Engineered in Australia to meet all safety standards.


ML Rack

This system is a simple design that is very easy to assemble. Height is 2300mm , Distance between vertical posts can vary from 900mm to 3048mm. Available is single side and double side loading.  This is a discontinued product but we still have some stock available, call us now for a great deal.


CSR Gyprock


Canteliver as Shed


Light Duty
Steel Rack

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